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Important moments of space exploration in 2018

The curiosity of mankind was advanced beyond the planet of 2018, in a few years, to make successful missions and test flights.

The 60th anniversary of the NASA and the yearly International Space Station (ISS) was not completely deceived …


Rocket's creator SpaceX advanced in 2018, the first test flight of the Falcon Heavy rocket with a red car attached to the month of February.

Founder Elon Musk sent his personal Tesla Roadster to travel to Mars on Heavy, NASA launched in Florida to send men to the moon almost 50 years ago.


Aeolus, a British satellite laser designed to measure the wind speed was launched in August by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Aeolus SCIENCE(PA graphics)

At less than an hour in French Guiana from a rocket in Kourou, the satellite was in orbit, with a three-year mission leading to a better weather forecast.


British BepiColombo set up a seven-year trip to the Mercury for October, one of the minimal exploration of the solar system planet.

SCIENCE Mercury(PA graphics)

Orbiters are sending them to the spacecraft to understand some of the biggest questions about this planet, such as large iron iron, volcanic volcanoes and water ice. In addition, Mercury may also have answers to the origin of our solar system.


After seven months of traveling through the space and rigorous landing, Nasa's InSight core was successfully launched in Marsen in late November.

The two-year $ 814 billion (£ 633 million) mission is to light up the new light on how Red Planet was created and mapped its deep structure, its core, crust and mantle.

InSight retrieves Marsian surface soon after it arrives to Earth.

International Space Station – issue of departures

The New Space Station, two new neighbors, Nick Hagako Nasa astronauts and Roscosmos, Alexei Ovchinin, were admitted in October as part of the ordinary cycle of visitors, but their role was not planned.

The Soyuz-FG rocket escaped a little on the fly, turning it back to the ground. He was not injured

Less than two months ago, a successful second attempt was made by Anne McClain Nasa, David Saint-Jacques from the Canadian Space Agency and the Roscosmos station at Oros Kononen.

Kepler space telescope

NASA's Space Hunting Space, known as the Kepler Space Telescope, died nine months after its death in October.

When life worked far beyond expectations, the small spacecraft was making less fuel and pointed to the specific regions of the cosmos that began in October.

Kepler discovered more than 2,600 of its planet outside its solar system, which allowed life to have a similar planet Earth.

Parker Solar Probe Approaching the Sun

NASA's spatial probes came nearer to a smaller spacecraft nearer to the Sun, which exceeded more than 26.6 million records established in 1976.

In the next seven years, Parker Solar Probe Sun will be approaching near 24 and eventually reach 3.8 million.

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