Saturday , February 4 2023

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18.2% in October declined; The rest of the month

In the last month, exports grew by 1.4% to US $ 5354 million, imports fell by 18.2% and reached $ 5077 million. In this way, the country had a positive balance of 277 million dollars in sales in October, Indek reported yesterday.

On the other hand, trade (exports and imports) fell by 9.2% in October last year and reached a value of $ 10,431 million. In light of the first ten months, Argentina continues to be US $ 6,175 million deficit, due to exports of $ 50,988 (a 3.3% increase compared to the same period of 2017) and imports totaling $ 57,164, an increase of 3.2%.

The sectors that generate most foreign currency foreign currency in October are agricultural production factories; $ 2027 million (4.4%); Industrial origin factories, 1824 million dollars (-3.4%); Primary products, $ 114 million (-3.2%) and fuel and energy, $ 389 million (31%). In imports, the largest falls in motor vehicles, tractors, speeding and other terrestrial vehicles (US $ 545 million); phones, including mobile phones (-US $ 134 million); data processing or processing of automatic machines ($ 103 million USD), and mineral fuels (-US $ 100 million), among others.

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