Wednesday , January 20 2021

In Argentina, the less vulnerable: the fall of the dollar contributes to the world and nowadays the Central will buy it

Doluna touched the bottom floor of the band and did not go up without the Central Bank's intervention. The risk of countries declined and interest rate disguises. The news coming from the market has been positive for the Government to celebrate.

And for no reason, there were surveys Mauricio Macri It has improved the numbers and the initial tranquility of the world's crisis, the opportunities for increasing US rates are far ahead and talks continue before the Chinese commerce war before the end of the convention in Davos, Switzerland. starts on January 22

The news drops in the dollar and the dollar in the world, when the wholesale market is $ 37.28, Initial request of the Central Bank. At that price, I bought 50 million dollars in the market, but it was not necessary, because it immediately recovered for $ 37,305. At 11:30 am he got the highest price of 30.45 euros, then he slipped out of the lack of the buyer. The price closed on Monday was on the ground floor of $ 37.30 on Tuesday. Do not forget that this flotation band is 2% a day on average per month.

He will know what the Central Bank will buy at this time. He earned USD 50 million per day.

With this price, the dollar is the top 10 in the band. The exporters have complained about the reversal of the exchange rate, but the surveys make people happy because of the dollar, and the government does not fall into real wages.

However, It will be necessary to transport anesthesia by the end of January and if new gas, water and electricity bills are reached.. Preorder and other medical services, including the cord. It is true that the operating clauses will be in progress from March and the salary increases will be debated. In any case, it is going to go to the presidential elections and take the "jail" that causes rates, dollars and inflation.

In banks and exchange houses, the dollar was at $ 38.40 and was "blue" in the marginal market, almost without operation, lost 50 cents and closed to $ 39.50.

With this scenario, The Central Bank came up with peace of mind through the daily offer of Liliquity Letters (Leliq), an average of 193,244 million dollars (58.96%), up to 59.30%. In circulation, only 15 million dollars have been eliminated, but the cutting rate has been reduced by 0.15 points, but an average of 0.32 points has fallen. The day-to-day decrease to 57% at the end of January.

The Central Bank finds less resistance to lowering the rate, since the dollar does not demand and inflate, although it will be highly profitable as a result of the rise in prices. External tranquility is part of the merit. World dollar decline in the price of soya, which is 335 tonnes. It was launched at the end of December 310. Oil also expanded to reduce the subsidy of Vaca Muerta. In addition, the US Treasury Bond price fell; It was an element that helped to reduce the risk of Argentinean countries and a 700-hole hole was dug to solve a part of uncertainty to achieve a 600 point evolution. Debt payments in 2020

For this reason, the Central Bank exceeds the dollar's fall in election polls. The rise in weight was a key element in the reduction of the risk across the country, less than the dollar.

Case, eBonar 2024, a reference dollar, lost 0.82%, but the number of bonuses for 2020 increased by 0.44% from the 2% of the dollar in the final wheels. 2019 Bonar, the highest demand for securities, reduced the rates of return to 2.97%. In April, in maturity, the main interest was 6.25%. At the other end, the Argentine discretionary discounts of 14.5% obtained by 14.5% obtained returns of 12.60%

This shows that the risk of countries has fallen by 2.05% and has reached 716 points. The fall in the world dollar – lost 0.50% against the major currencies – and in Brazil and Mexico, helped with the strength of the peso. The buoyant buyers returned to Latin America, and some Argentinean cents were facing a better election landscape, although they were very warm.

The reserves amounted to $ 21 million, € 65,737m, and € 10m in gold and gold for $ 106 million. Foreign payments were 3 million euros in Brazil to offset foreign trade operations.

The euphoric market is at a time when it is a stock market, it puts up profits for nearly $ 25 in thirteen consecutive months. It should be remembered last year that investors lost 50% and recovered this fall, which will increase the stock market by 100% in dollars this year.

Index Merval increased by 2.19%, but the closing rate increased by 2.96% in 35 minutes,. No profit from there. The number of businesses increased by 75% compared to the wheels compared to thirteen consecutive increases. It made an investment of $ 834 million and was made by banks and energy companies the most beneficial. Macro grew by 7.63% and Transportadora Gas del Norte, 5.42%.

In the case of Wall Street, the ADR of Argentine companies was excluded from Banco Supervielle (-0.22%) and Telecom Argentina (-1.58%). Among these Stock Machines certificates, Banco Macro (6.88%), MercadoLibre (4.32%) and Banco Francés (3.12%) were outstanding.

The government pressed one out of the country. It's not merit, though Your monetary policy is weakened and strengthened in the surveys. The market understands that way. For this reason, it continues to maintain weight-named securities.

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