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In Fortnite: You can play Battle Royale

Fortnite Yesterday he received new content at 6.31 a day. Among the new features, the Battle Royale mode was introduced. Epic Games stressed that it was a community of opportunity and now it is a reality.

Depending on the detail, the function will be available for a limited time. Content availability will be available once a week before canceling the aforementioned update. Epic has warned that this option will not be implemented on iOS devices, as opposed to Apple's various policies.

On the other platforms, players will find 2 options when you buy content in the store. The first is the standard marked "Purchased Objects"; Meanwhile, he will say "Buy as a gift."

The second option will allow you to give content to your friends and you can also enter a personalized message. Your friend will receive gifts next time he signs up next. Please note that you must take other steps before using this system.

You must first enable authentication in 2 steps. The people you give content must be your friends for at least 48 hours. On the other hand, all gifts can be sent only 24 hours a day.

An important detail is that the content purchased as a gift can not be refunded. In order to avoid confusion, Epic has clarified that the only items that can be found inside the store can be delivered.

This feature may be blocked by players interested in their account settings. This will not get other gifts. In recent news, Battle Royale has more than 200 million players.

Fortnite PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android are available. Find out more about this link on this link.

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