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In Lagard's calculations: Argentine public debt is a total GDP

Especially due to the sharp deviation of 2018. 53.4% ​​in 2017 closed it. ANSES loses and the IMF wins.

December 30, 2019

Due to the enormous discounts of 2018 and due to the constant debt of the Government, public debt, Cristina and Néstor Kirchner reduced to 40% of the GDP, It reached 95.4% It's almost the same size as the Gross Domestic Product.

Thus, money from the inside and from the outside Jumped $ 307,656 million. The PBI coupon is still owed, It would be US $ 320.955 billion and would drop to 99.5% Gross domestic product.

The most worrying thing was the increase in 2018 On the same day of 2017, it was 53.4% ​​of the GDP.

At the same time, only 12 months, Debt was concerned with public institutions, Since the ANSeS (as of $ 21,864 million) Most of its assets are in weight, while paying off with private entities (US $ 8,388 million) and international organizations, for example NDF($ 15,424 million) is essential for the diversion of the fund in the last months of the year.

The most alarmed thing is that much more than those projected by the organization that leads these numbers Cristine Lagarde, Why? paper At the end of June, he accepted the Argentine agreement, Public debt could reach 2018 from 57.1% of GDP to 64.5%. Then it starts to go down.

To make matters worse, the document presented an "injurious situation" 68.6% of the annual GDP of the GDP. In the second revision of this declaration, the NDF increased 78% of the GDP, the number of those who have dropped today has dropped significantly.

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