Sunday , July 3 2022

In search of life signs: an exoplaneta confirms the atmosphere with water


A group of researchers found HR 8799c, a giant gas, seven times the mass of Jupiter, water in its environment, indicating the presence of life.

The researchers, using the help of the Keck Observatory of Maore Kea Hawaii (USA), obtained a high-resolution spectroscopy using the "optical adaptive" method, which directs the influence of ambient distortion. Land ", according to a study published in the Study Astronomy on November 20. The results of his work show that exoplaneta has water, that methane was not confirmed.

"We want to use this type of technology in the future, to look for signs of life like planet Earth, but we are still on the way," said Dimitri Mawet, an astronomer at the Institute. California Technology (USA), indicated on the Observatory's website.

You know that the direct images of the planet HR8799, obtained in the field of analysis, are not the sun's first photos of this planet system that orbits a star.

Experts continue to work in this field and also explore other small planets that approach other stars. Specialists determine the main objective of the research to find biomarkers with water, oxygen and methane, to show their presence in life.

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