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In spite of the fact there is activity in some official banks – 2013/02/11/2018


Although a sudden strike was launched on Friday, some official banks attended. As you say Town hall, branches are open and taken care of by non-retention staff. In any case, it is recommended to carry out operations in Buenos Aires, homebanking or electronic means.

In the meantime, the National and Provincial Banks continued to evaluate the levels that remained in the branches.

In addition to ATMs, customers can get money from stores. Banelco Networks and Linkek offer cash outlets, stores, pharmaceuticals or service stations at $ 5 million for each operation.

The Debt card is found among companies that claim funds that claim funds Pharmacy, YPF, Axion, Carrefour, Coto, Walmart, Chango More and La Anónima. In the city of Buenos Aires, 530 services are part of 530 commercial establishments.

Caja use will also replace instant transfers. At ATMs, home banking and mobile banking can be done every day at any time.

The strengths of the Bank's force have not been reported by official banks for the non-payment of October. Entities Ababar nuclear power is still being traded. The bank wants to pay 12%.

At the beginning of the month, the Bank obtained 12% growth through ABA and ADEBA cameras, which was effective from October 1 and will be charged before November 15, annual increase of 40%.

On the other hand, the bank day bonus, with the lowest category of $ 29.012, also had a 12% adjustment.

"There is no excuse for banks that have not been upgraded to payments made on April 1 in accordance with the participation agreement," said board member Sergio Palazzo.

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