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In the end, Vidal will pay $ 7,000 in the state and $ 3,500 in all retirements

The government's Maria Eugenia Vidal on Tuesday on Tuesday called the union to convene a joint board meeting to review a new salary accumulated to cover inflation after trade unions. There, the Minister of Economy of the province of Buenos Aires, Hernanin Lacunza, offered Average 7,000 bonus and 3500 for retirement and pensioners in Buenos Aires.

In addition to the bonus, it will only be paid once, The provincial authorities increased the salary of 2% on 2 December. In this way, the unions' states would have an annual increase of 32%, significantly less percentages In year-to-year terms, 39.5% accumulated by Indec.

Likewise, there are changes in the liabilities sector plus. In the end, the latter will only be the ones that receive the lowest pension, but for all categories.

In addition to extra bonus, The Vidal administration must have a 20% increase (in six tranches and two review cases) by 2019. This adjustment would be in July (accumulated inflation would be considered on the 7th of this month) and November, if it were higher than inflation, a new negotiation instance would be opened. Additionally, 6,750 pesos were offered in four hours.

In the framework of collective bargaining agreements, today, after 16 years, the Provincial Authorities will join the unions in front of the Ministry of Economy Teaching Unit.

In addition, Vidal has evaluated a social container designed to repeat the largest magazine published over the last few years: December heat with Conurbano's excessive events.

Vidal persuaded that there were no conflicts in December, although his ministers carried out actions on the subject and consolidated a social or responsible task in the weakest church, with the coordination of the Church and all kinds of leaders. political color

Among the necessary measures, the Más Vida Plan will be paid an additional bonus, together with the increase granted by the United Nations Children's School. Add a support program to provide food to all primary schools.

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