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In the first case of human genetic assembly, they investigate the person in charge

He has canceled the work of the University and asked for explanations about the field of research. The Shenzhen City Medical Ethics Committee has included cases.

The Chinese scientist who announced the existence of genetically modified genes is undergoing trouble. Jiankui He He was criticized by a scientific community, because it was an extreme moral and practical wisdom in the technique used. They have begun researching the universities that are now working and their medical practitioner's ethics team.

du Shenzhe University of Science and TechnologyIt is not slow to suspend action and the scientist. He also published a statement indicating what has happened and has imposed and worked on the organization I have had The behavior of the Academy is a serious violation of ethics and codes.

According to the organization, the authorities did not know about the project and its nature.

For explanations for these, the university has decided that an independent expert and an international commission will be in charge of research. For its part, ShenZhen City Medical Ethics Committee it will do similar work.

Darren Saunders, the former hospital director of experiments, said he did not give permission Jiankui He to do the activities. "This experiment can go back to a field of research under a science social license, scientists work within the boundaries defined by a wider community, when they are ruled out, it seems that they can create understandable negative dangers and fear that this area may take several decades back." Saunders explained.

Jiankui He He announced the birth of Lulu and Nana health, edited by two twin genetically modified in vitro processes. The technique used in this task is known as CRISPR.

On the other hand, the second international congress of the human genome began in Hong Kong on Tuesday, November 27. That is expected I have had appearance at the ceremony. We have to see how we should see it.


The only confirmation about the editing case is still a statement by Jiankui Heen and his work group analysis papers. If it seems strange that it becomes a lie or an abuse, this option would not be excluded.

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