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In the largest factory in the country's bodywork, it announced a closure and expulsion of 600 workers

Metalpar, The most important bodywork factory in the Argentine collegesIt will be announced tonight closing doorsso It will leave about 600 employeesCleaning, safety, dining and maintenance workers and workers with their corresponding compensation.

This group is a joint venture between Metalúrgica Paredes, Chile and Brasil Marcopolo at Loma Hermosa. There he created organizations for urban groups. Depending on the sources of auto parts sector that supply secrets, The interest rates strongly affected the rehabilitation of units by collective companies which led to Metal Business.

Owners are studying continuous production, but at a lower volume and in another plant. The group of the Metal Group is a leading company in the country of cars. 12-day production was created.

The company reduced its workforce less recently last year, triggering alarms from various sectors and sectors of the sector, asking for specific measures aimed at re-organizing the national government. "As the saying goes, the group pays for cutting-off cards, so if you do not have financing, you can not upgrade the unit," said a source of Metal Works. He added: "Credit is a high-risk business."

Metalsur also owns Metal Governor based on Villa Gobernador Gálvez, which creates organs for distant groups. The group acquired 51% of the Santa Fe 2012 company and also last year produced serious production problems and suspensions. In any case, it's close to Loma Hermosa.

The closure is among the many companies that are taking place during the last months due to the sharp fall in demand. Some companies, for 2018, had a drop in sales, suspensions, elimination of productive rounds, cost reduction, voluntary withdrawal and even layoffs. But in some cases, the numbers are no longer closed and they have the option, but the doors are closed.

If more workers began to work and / or submit a petition for the Prevention Procedure Procedure (PPC), it grew significantly. According to their work portfolio, PPP 146 was presented in 2018 and in two months of 2019, at 21.

Business concerns are growing and there are many doubts, and the economic cycle in the second half will overcome the return and recover GDP.

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