Monday , May 29 2023

In the last year, 360 cases were reported in HIV in Mendoza – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


Since 1988, United Nations organizations, governments and civil society have gathered on December 1 to advance several aspects of AIDS. On the seventy-year period, significant progress has been made against the virus, and nowadays, one of four of the four living with HIV knows about its serostat.

Víctor Bittar, Head of the AIDS Program at the Province, said In the last year, 360 new cases have been registered, that is to say, a sick person (Monday through Friday) has reported the disease, which means that the last 5 years of data remain stable.

"Over the years we have had a treasure but it is a sad thing not to reduce the figures, they still remain. It's important that the provincial preventive measures are important, but it is necessary to continue working and promoting awareness," he said. Specialist mention

Discrimination is another point to be resolved. The INADI delegation in Mendoza explained In the country, cases of discrimination against HIV / AIDS are about 6% of all the queries and complaints received this year.

"If this figure stays, comparisons of previous years will not show significant differences, but they still exist," said Deputy Director Daniel Di Giuseppe: "The area where HIV-AIDS has been developed has been the focus of HIV-AIDS, in the health field, both public and private.

People with this type of action can approach the INADI Delegation at Mendoza Peltier Street 50, local 3rd, Mendoza City, or communicate Monday through Friday from 8 to 16, at 4243182.

Activities to take into account

Every year there are many activities that will take place this year to commemorate the World Day of HIV / AIDS Response, One of them will be held this Friday and will be a campaign organized by the AIDS Program in all hospitals and health centers where condoms are delivered and tests will be carried out.

In addition, on Saturday, the General San Martin Parks will be proposing a vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus HB, Sifilisa, hepatitis B and C, for anyone who is trying and trying to test it. / or get information or advice. The activity will be held at Rosedal from 9:00 a.m. to 13:30 p.m.

Also, they will be games on the subject and gym class public day.

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