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In the midst of a debate on the Bullrich protocol, the Government and Cities have analyzed using a taser gun – 05/12/2018


We assume that security and lack of order will be fully exploited in the fight against fighting, after the successful G20 summit organization. The security security protocol of the Navy, on Monday, was again issued by the national government, such as the use of Taser guns.

As confirmed bugle Patricia Bullrich and Deputy Minister of the Government of Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli, responsible for the ministry of Buenos Aires, after the departure of Martín Ocampo; so many The Nation examines its implementation as a cityMauricio Macrik, the mayor and Kirchnerism, ruled in the country.

At that time, important posts confirmed the Cuban general director, Aníbal Fernández, but Sergio Berni was a security secretary. However, at that time, the High Court of Justice ratified the decision by 2015 to prevent them from being tortured. President in the middle of the campaign, Macrik finally decided to avoid its implementation.

Today, the scenario is different. Bullrich's close ministers said bugle The Government will allow security forces to use Tasers. "We are studying in agglomeration places, such as airports and trains"they said. "But we need to talk about security forces, because we do not want to use both types of weapons (fire and Taser) at the same time."

Bullrich, confidently in their environment, defends Justice. "In every country in the world, both use, but a judge says," why did he use the weapon and not Taser? " The judges do not adjust and if the police are arrested, those who use Tasers do not fire. And in another way, the same thing, "they say.

In the meantime, the City Council reaffirmed the newspaper Santilli and America TV "Using non-lethal weapons, including scams, is under investigation". Although "nothing has yet been defined," he warned that its implementation will depend on a thorough assessment of suitability. The security secretary, Marcelo D & # 39; Alessandro, explained the same line by Luis Novaresio in the La Red radio and "pushed in more deeply into debate," as "all the police in the world use." "We will discuss the use of deadly weapons, including Tasers"he finished.

However, in the environment of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, they minimized the controversy and made sure – "Tasers are not a priority" and question their decision. "Yes, other non-lethal types of weapons, such as paintings, to identify Protestants and then stop".

When the Nation decrypted the application of the firework protocol, the Portuguese governor Maria Eugenia Vidal did not study the use of Tasers. The chief sources of the government were assured, along with Cristian Ritondo, the security minister of the province. Closely speaking, he was a pioneer in purchasing a range of Coats of the Falcon Group and could use it for other elite groups, but not beyond. "It's different from using police on the streets, the cost needed should be evaluated and useful"They justify it.

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