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In the "Morfi" empanada they showed a new oven and … an insect came from the inside! – 01/08/2019


Program Morfi, everyone on the board (Telefe, 9) an unexpected event occurred. While it's a chef Santiago Giorgini He taught "secrets of the perfect ham and cheese cake", an insect came out of them. And the video was redesigned in social networks.

Everything started when Twitter caught momentum where the ball-channel cycle chef She showed an open piece it could see compliance. At that moment, an insect appeared.

"I was looking Morfi, there appeared a pie and a cockroach. It's a disgust" He wrote the user who detected a hidden detection of the video that was unpleasantly watched.

In detail, GIorgini put on a bronze hose and his partner showed the camera ham and cheese are already prepared. The insect is dropped and re-entered.

Quickly, knowing what was happening, the chef turned his empanada and saw that he really liked it.

Immediately, Questions published received thousands of reactions. Up to now, he has received more than 7,000 retweets and 26,000 "likes", creating an endless comment on social networks.

"If you had a friend chup," Eggs, cockroaches, or even a kid, it was alive, and the same thing that mattered to me, "he added, the user shared the video that was directed by other browsers. Others, in humor, formed: "Shears" and "Empanadas para Beetlejuice !!!".

In addition to the memes that appeared on the networks, the official page of Telefé wanted to publish the entire video of the program, eliminating the image of the ants inside the empanada.

Despite being dismissed Damián de Santo and Malena Guinzburg of morphAt the end of last year, Telefé continues its program in the morning, and will start again in March. Chinese leunis, always with the company Zara Nara.

The cycle is in the air for the fourth consecutive year, since the beginning of 2015 Gerardo Rozín and Carina Zampini. The same success happens with other programs, for example Morfiaren RockaRozín driven on Sundays in the air, or Morfi Children.

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