Wednesday , May 18 2022

In the premiere of the video, CIMON ISS Robot throws an unexpected tantrum


In regards to glitchy behavior, we are not quite quite still at HAL 9000 levels – but at the International Space Station, the new AI-powered robot, CIMON, at the time of the show, floating mobile devices showed a rather doubtful behavior.

CIMON, Short for Crew Interactive, is the first interactive flight to participate in the ISS mission.

US $ 6 ($ 8) million, a basketball-sized robot built by Airbus according to a contract awarded by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The purpose of the project is to include an artificially intelligent balloon for enhanced crew and morale improvements over the missions.

CIMON does not have any arms or legs, but it has AI-powered smarts and a natural language user interface. The 3D-printed robot has 12 internal fans to move in multiple directions while floating in microgravity conditions. The button can display its display instructions, record videos, play music, and even search for objects.

CIMON was delivered to ISS at the end of June and finally we have seen the bot through a new European Space Agency (ESA) video.

The video shows the first interactions with CIMON's ISS, and let's say it's still rough on the edges.

At first glance, German astronaut Alexander Gerst looks at CIMON asking some of the basic questions asked by NASA astronauts Serena Auñón-Chancellor. CIMON tells Gerst about its name and where it is, and shows the ability to bend its fascinating robotic face. After collaborating with a scientific procedure, CIMON is requesting a favorite of Gerst's song, Kraftwerk's "Man-Machine". A nice choice.

But around 4:08 of the video, CIMON seemed a little bit. Beyond this point, the manifestation is derived from a scene 2001: A Space OdysseyPlaying with CIMON HAL 9000 and Gerst David Bowman.

To achieve a sustainable way of music, CIMON does not refuse to be pleasing to it, and that means that it means. A shared participation between Gerst and Auñón-Chancellor is currently posted at 6:04. As for three years, CIMON asked: "Do not you like me here?" and soon begins to sink to the back. Then he asks the crew for lunch.

OK, so it's not a smooth debut.

Although CIMON's behavior is compassionate and wonky, Gerst floated in the cabin that moved the robot's ability to move. It is still an early project, but CIMON does not have at least a comic relief. Indeed, as part of its mission, CIMON assumes a high moral of the crew, so that in this sense it has been achieved through unexpected shenanigans.

Well, at least, CIMON enters the Gerst ISS outdoors in its next pool.

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