Saturday , December 4 2021

In the previous Superfine, María Eugenia Vidal led a new direction


While the paralyzing of the country is suspended, the Governor is waiting for the Superfinance River and Boca María Eugenia Vidal Cambiemos led the leadership in the province of Buenos Aires.

Portuguese authority He was Guernica In the municipality of President Perón. He started his tour at 10:20 a.m. on October 17 and 105, where he spoke with neighbors and merchants.

"Before being a governor, I take the province and I want to talk to the neighbors in their homes. Today, after three years, I continue to share what we're doing with our neighborhoods, listen and find solutions together, "said Vidal with his Twitter account.

In the beginning, he was a national senator Esteban Bullrich, who talked with the neighbors of San Fernando. Former Minister of Education was Deputy Minister of the City Council of Buenos Aires, Alex Campbell, national deputy Pablo Torello and the local councilor Agustina Ciarletta.

Lieutenant of Buenos Aires, Daniel SalvadorHe accompanied his team along with Garin, accompanied by his team Leonardo Sarquis, Provincial Agriculture Minister.

The Minister of Education of the nation, Alejandro FinocchiaroHe was in the local council of Ramos Mejía, Lucas Cordova, where he was in the shops.

The mayor of Quilmes, Martiniano MolinaHe visited the town's neighbors with officials, leaders and militants. Talk about neighbors about the progress of management and know about Quilmeños' concerns.

"We are talking to different international and national actors Private development of the river"Molina said during the tour." Our President, Mauricio Macri and our Governor, María Eugenia Vidal, are the most important developments in this field, which is why Quilmes stands out and has the resources to solve all the problems, such as the stream, because it requires historical works of many years, "he added.

It was more than community capital 150 people, civil servants, councilors, leaders and entrepreneursHe talked about neighbors and retailers to inform them about the progress of management and to raise awareness about Quilmeños' concerns.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Media of Buenos Aires, Mariano MohadebHe was a fan of Boca, a fan of Pamplona in the temple he made in Ituzaingón.

Director of ARBA Gastón Fossati and Cambiemos en Tigre's reference, Second CernadasThey talked with the El Tigre neighborhood of Tigre.

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