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In the Recoleta cemetery he bombed an anarchist

January 11, 2019

Anahí Salcedo underwent facial reconstruction surgery and was present in a number of pharmacologic medications a week. "He understands everything, but talking about surgery is difficult," said his lawyer.

After almost two months Anahí Salcedo, anarchist militant Fernando's admission should be accepted for severe burns, three-finger amputation and maxillofacial lesions, The explosion of a home bomb He was trying to detonate at the Recoleta cemetery facial image after facial reconstruction surgery.

After a few weeks of pharmacological treatment, he was a woman after suffering a tracheotomy A beneficial evolution of medicine He declared for the first time this Thursday. However, his lawyer said he has not done so or has been transferred to prison, that's why Fernandez Hospital passes through his days, protected by the members of the Federal Police.

After the initial hat, Salcedo is even better She does not speak almost, they say in their environment. This is partly because facial reconstruction is also in the face of the facial product of the operation.

On November 14, Ramón L. Falcón was not affected by the usual tomb of the police officer; watch and hear "Everything understands it, but it's hard to speak. Attorneys' lawyers have seen Fernandez twice. Hears what he says and tells himself ", said lawyer Eduardo Soares Salcedo, a member of the 1970's militant commander, Clarinen.

In addition, Soares explained to young people "It has lucid periods and loses others" due "Required remedies and analgesics."

"Until a week, I made a few questions she confuses the police who protect her sister", her nephew Carmen Salcedo, admitted that "angry"With his nephew"the stupid thing to do ". "I was a 6-year-old orphan and I am a mother. I take care of the courts and procedures, because rehabilitation and kinesiology have to be done. It was a monotributist, therefore, with a social work" Salcedo Clarín-i.

On November 14, on the day the bombs exploded, along with Anahí Hugo Rodríguez, tried and sent Marcos Paz in prison. According to Rodríguez, young people arrested in other homes have to "do nothing".

Anarchist living in the country: the women who put the Recole bomb were charged two AUHs

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