Saturday , May 8 2021

In the three dead cases, they were negative in San Martin de los Andes

26 cases in northwestern Chubut were confirmed.

In three cases of Hantavirus, the blood samples reviewed by San Martin de los Andes, Neuquén, were analyzed by the Malbrán Institute in Buenos Aires and were negative in the hospital of Ramón Carrillo today.

"The director of the Hospital Juan Cabrera and the Head of the Area of ​​Health at the Néstor Sáenz Health Department today reported that the three patients of the suspected patients with hantavirus in the Malbrán Institute in Buenos Aires are negative," they said.

As reported NationThree patients have been admitted to Ramon Carrillo Hospital this week because they were suspected of being hantavirus. Later, they entered hospitals and the Chapel of San Martin de los Andes Clinic.

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"Continuing with the evolution of patients, while always positive, the results of experts from Buenos Aires were expected," he said.

"Patients with patients with Hantavirus, which are compatible with the disease, will activate the protocols in situations."

The town of Epuy, located in the northwestern province of Chubut, has the presence of Hantavirus on these days, and 26 cases have been confirmed, of which 9 were killed.

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How is it transmitted?

The disease produced by Hantavirus is transmitted, especially by the aerosol with viral particles through the flesh, urine and saliva of infected rodents.

However, the transmission of people seems to be crucial in the expansion of the current scene, although the health authorities did not confirm it.

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