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In this way, it was a tough passage between Flor Vigna and Laurita Fernandez, who will see tomorrow "Dantzan": "Combat"

After the party Marcelo Tinelli, Vigna flower Showmatch track has appeared again. The actor replaced Facundo Mazzei and María del Cerro Dance of 2018 when he needed to eliminate the labor commissions.

The programs and images that were recorded on Wednesday were broadcast on Friday night. According to Ángel de Brito, Morning angelsThe actress and jury of the competition was a scandal created by Photo Flower created with the Nicolás Cabré promotion. My brother is a clone.

"The tension that was not felt on Earth was, of course, the subject of photography, Cabré's novel and everything we are talking about," he said.Floré placed Laurita ahead and the winner is clearly. It was a tension. I did not see Laura so unpleasant moment now. I've never seen Florik, a wave of Fandiño. "

"Did you say that Flor Rocca's pair of Laurita and Cabré must be destroyed?"Evelyn von Brock asked. "If this romance is destroyed, it destroys myself, I see Laura with Cabré. It's clear that Flor Vigna asked everything he did and did not attack Laurita, he told him what happened to him," said the driver.

Then he told the word Florek Floriore ShowMatch: "With the flower picture, car, dress, and I asked him how he talked about Cabré, the answer was short"he warned. "Then, finally, they put everyone up, except for Florence Peña, her mouth was closed, with the photo I closed!"

(Video: The Angels of the Morning, Thirteen)

The distant relationship between Cabré and Flor

De Brito also talked about Florida's negative relationship with Floridia from the scandal: "In the last days, Flor Vigna cried out that Nicolás Cabré did not want to talk about that." He wanted to go to the water before going ahead ShowMatch. In fact, he left the competition for the last loss, but I do not think that happens. "

Then he explained that "he does not want to be a foreigner in his work". Flor had tears about this problem. "Flor thinks that somebody has put it in the row with Cabré, he thinks they have no idea whatsoever," says Britok.

Flower called Teleshow

After crossing Laurita Fernandez, teleshow He contacted the actor to tell the facts version. "I heard everything I mentioned and I happened, I never went to the Cabré suit, and I had less car, I had never worked, and I was very well with my husband 4 years ago." He assured the actress, asked him before he tried One week more, In Buenos Aires, in summer, with Nico Vázquez and Benjamín Rojas.

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