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Iñaki Urlezaga had an emotional greeting, with more than 120 thousand neighbors anniversary celebrations


Impulsobaires. "Inform you when you are informed" »Municipalities» November 26, 2018


More than 120 thousand people took part in the celebration of the 13th anniversary of the city's celebration, the renowned dancer Iñaki Urlezaga recognized his professional career.

Iñaki Urlezaga had only one night in the city of birth, with an international career of more than 20 years, with a live orchestra and more than 50 musicians and a ballet. He helped him.
During the festival, the mayor Julio Garro gave the dancer the keys to the dancer, accompanied by Elena Roger and Manuel Wirzt.
"We are delighted that the son of La Plata is surprising to keep his career clear for all platens," Garro said.
"It's surprising that so many families can enjoy the quality show for free and for free."
In the Plaza Moreno Square and the popular and colorful festivals celebrated on the 51st, they celebrated a celebration of the anniversary of the city.
Before the performance of the dancer, the audience took Zeres, Galacticos, Silencio de Negra and Nicolás Martínez and soloist Santiago Camacho.
Later, & # 39; The Polish & # 39; The singer Cumbia was delighted to offer enthusiasts, "Deja de llorar" and "Por qué te you".
Then, "Los Palmeras" Cumbia Santafesina group with classic songs "Bombón asesino", "What the chola quiere" and "For the first time", among others.
Colorful shadows & # 39; Lali & # 39; Esposito was a pop artist. In this way, everyone who praised this evening's evening praised him.
This dramatic and horrific show was concerned with the main issues, such as "Sin querer querer", "Besarte mucho" and "Una na", among others.

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