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Incredible: 3-0 lost the team, he binds 90th, punishes him with punishment, put it in his gloves and cut it off – 06/01/2014


"Today you become the hero." When Javier Mascherano approached Sergio Romero, nobody thought his prediction was true. They were punishable by Holland in the semifinals of the World Cup in Brazil, and the national team was in "hands". But that was it: Chiquito became a giant, Argentina won and won an anti-German match.

Will Evans also approached his teammates, Chesterfield Shelf, in the fifth chapter of England. But luck was good. And there was another one. The incredible game against Ebbsfleet United was given for five minutes. And Evans himself did things a few moments before …

When Ebbsfleet surprised everything he began, he placed himself in the audience for 3 to 0 minutes. There, the game went up to Chesterfield. But gradually, the miracle began to mold. Denton and Fortuné left 3 and 2 goals. It was a great effort. And when the clock had already been marked for 45 seconds, Evans came up with the header to get the invisible cartoon. And, of course, transforming the image of the day.

Evans did all and went home happily.

Evans did all and went home happily.

But something else was missing. On the way, he attacked Ebbsfleet and the goalkeeper cleared Burton's punishment. Red and pray. Or, rather, defining what he would wear in gloves, because Chesterfield made three changes to the rules. And who chose it? Yes, Evans himself.

Nobody wanted to. Cross all your fingers. Cheek's auction, who scored a goal and a penalty, was high on the right side of Evans. And the improvised goalkeeper was not just guessed he cut off at auction. The last whistle was celebrated as a victory. That night, Evans, after Mascherano, was still a hero.

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