Tuesday , May 18 2021

Incredible odyssey to tragical fever

It takes more than 20 hours to get a turn and get a vaccine. As if not enough, some had to wait in the street, at night, the cold were shocked by the platens in the middle of the summer

The application of the vaccination against poultry to foreign countries, in some cases in Brazil, has become a simple procedure for vaccination against illness.

If they are not in the wrong, they allocate a certain amount of fee and those who buy their own are almost impossible, they say, pharmacies are not available.

So much so that before the insertion date of the numbers, you must spend more than 20 hours.

That odyssey was a group that worked at 5:00 PM at 5:00 PM. He went to the Hospital of San Juan de Dios to be sure of the vaccine that he had today. There is a need for a daytime waiting period of almost 50 days: 30 vaccinations apply in the morning, but at 20 in the afternoon the movement ends almost 24 hours.

As if it were not enough, yesterday, at 7:00 a.m., those who waited for the attendance center. They had to abandon the place they told the security staff and they had to wait in the street, because the temperature went down at night, because summer was not summer.

Amongst those who were outside the city center, those who had the opportunity to take their blankets and hot linens as cold as possible to their family members.

"If the seats were not allowed to go to the seats, if they make it rain, if we allow them to persuade them, we can see it," said a woman, as told by a hospital security man.

"We were about 20 people in absolute silence, without dirt and good behavior," he complained to save his name as a reserve.

As he said, about 5 o'clock. In the morning another security person approached and went into the hall again.

As indicated by the Hospital Administration, it has an opening and closing time and at 7:00 p.m. There is no room for people in the room, they should have security personnel exclusively assigned to that place, leaving only the Guardian open.

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