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Insecurity, a gag of K – 08/01/2014


The government can recognize the commitment to install the public security agenda in public three political virtues. In fact, it is a serious concern that crosses the social pyramid. The monopoly, on the other hand, would make the popular crisis impoverish, as it has taken advantage of official announcements that increase the tariff in the future. As a start of the election campaign, Everything in Argentina is to flee everything, a question very uncomfortable for the main opposition. In fact, almost Peronist or Kirchner voices were not heard, so the Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich hopes to find out about his program.

Before that, the Macrism level was reduced. The requirement is to promote measures to disseminate discussions with the radical members that make up Cambiemos and the Civic Bulletin. Elisa Carrió cried out in the sky that Bullrich announced the flexibility of the police protocol for the use of firearms in the harassment of criminals. He called the fascist.

It was a novelty truce Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the Minister of Security sealed. There were always differences between them in the rigor of dealing with street demonstrations. It happened after the change of climate: events that cause the interruption of the game between Boca Boca and Libertadores on 9 December. That was resolved in Madrid. The departure of Martín Ocampo was the security minister of Buenos Aires. These functions were absorbed by the chief deputy administrators of Diego Santillán.

The officers had the direct connection with Bullrich. Ocampo suffered several times without mediation. Even though it is within the national cabinet. Authorized by Santilli Rodríguez Larreta. The first important test was overcome. The government announced the purchase of 300 Taser guns. The electro-shock mechanism used at airports and train stations. The difficulty in the first case due to the number of existing natural controls. The probability, in the second, is usually not seen by municipal or police Buenos Aires. Taser gun talk took place in 2016.

He spoke with the Minister of Santillik and the director Rodríguez Larreta. The underwater idea would start at metro stations. Where crimes are committed every day. The makers, in the middle of the crowd, can almost never diminish.

Taser guns and the general safety problem seem unexpected The clear gap of Kirchner-Peronist discourse. Differences, in that sense, emerged in the last decade. In 2015, Sergio Berni, Secretary of Safety Cristina Fernandez, said Tampering is feasible in specific places. As the Government now proposes. At that time, counterpart Aníbal Fernández, the head of staff, opposed. Perhaps only the desire of the political struggle against the ones in charge of oneself was promoted and Casa Rosada stated: Mauricio Macri.

Since Kirchnerism started the opposition, Berni was the only authoritative voice security. His excuse is far from being guaranteed by Raul Zaffaroni, a former judge of the Supreme Court. Berni questioned the new Bullrich police protocol. "It's Kea", He draws. But at the same time he accepted the drafting of the Kirchner's sensitivity doctrine. In his statement he warned that the victims rarely registered. Berni said he had to "kill many" criminals. Or he must give orders to save the victim. Priority is always there "Save the victim and defend the authority." Minister Bullrich might not have the same explanation as effective.

The Police and Institutional Repression (CORPI) Coordinator, consisting of nuclear-centered nuclei, reported to them Between 2003 and 2015, 3,070 people were killed due to torture and their dissolution. Subsequent forces killed 21 activists in repressive actions. At 70, Kirchner disappeared. It is the same entity that it is now maintaining Disarmed weapons in Argentina have died every day for 22 hours. Palazo for Macrism. It is not clear, however, what methodology would end up due to statistics. But it shows, in any case and in the historical situation, that violence is a permanent phenomenon in our society.

Bullrich completed the menu over the last days with other ads. Creation of an army of resistance. With the budget? It should be asked. It has added some old problems: nothing that comes from the project. He distributed several times in the Congress in the summer. Brotxa would be responsible for eliminating foreigners found in the crime scene. He said lately, "especially in drugs, it is important for the increase of crime in the hands of foreigners." 20% of the detainees would arrive.

Once again, the strongest dialectical support from Kirchnerism. In this way, the sectors proclaiming in the future refer to the alleged risk of xenophobia. The burden of self-sufficiency. But it's not the only look. Berni confirmed in October 2014 The country is "infected" by foreign criminals. He said that he was at least a conflict with at least three years (2011). For this reason, for various reasons, they were under the protection of judicial laxity.

The prosecutor Carlos Stornelli made 12 Colombian attackers on the day near the Illía highway. Obelisk blocks He also blew this instability "It's a real problem, it's not in any way feel". Hannibal's corpse, another shot by French and famous phrases.

Actually, Bernie was not alone this time. The Deputy Mayor of Daniel Sambi, Mr. Alejandro Granados, today, the new mayor Ezeiza, declared "full agreement" on the deportation of foreigners involved in crimes. The head of the Federal Senate, Miguel Angel Pichetto, made a proposal last year after the ups and downs of the budget treatment.

Pichetto joins Juan Schiaretti, Cordoba, Juan Manuel Urtubey, Salta and Sergio Massa, who includes other pejotista governors. Former Fr. Renovador Deputy prefers the government to call the instability agenda. Why do you share more than disagreements? It's hard to know until it begins, including gag

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