Friday , August 19 2022

Instagram: Thalía finds dirty seat in the cinema and nobody wants to clean it Video | Celebrities | Mexico | I do not remember | Natti Natasha | Slow | People Zone | shows


Mexican singer, Thalía, in various messages on Instagram, in the photo and among music artists who share Videos When it refers to its songs, family and new projects, it expresses emotion. However, he thought that a weekend outing, with his family, would be unforgettable and the reason for publishing social networks was very good, it was the opposite.

Nattas Natasha, who plays "I do not remember", decided to go to the movies, but she did not imagine that she would take a painful moment to find a seat-dirty, full-blooded, popcorn-and-even-while eating at the establishment He complained to the workers, he said, nobody took responsibility for the incident, and he had to find an immediate solution.

"I went to the washroom to clean everything, took a bag, touched the seat, it was greasy, foul, full of food, hot and did not want to clean," he heard something in the video of Thali's Angry video in his story stories.

"I covered almost the seat with plastic, I found a rubbish bag, everything I saw was soaked," says the singer, while the movie seats have some liquids, "says another actor video Posted on Instagram, it has more than 12 million followers.

Although this is an acid, the singer ended the joke and image on the seats he covered with plastic, when he drew his ear in his ear.

Photo shared on Thalia Instagram


Another shared photo on Thalia Instagram


Video published by Thalia on Instagram

This is worth mentioning Thalia and People in the Zone A few weeks ago they released a "Lento" video clip that has received good comments on social networks.

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