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Intimate worlds I came to Capital to be "successful". I was doing well, but I was not happy and understood to go to a small town – 12/01/2018


In 2007 I left the birthplace of Junín to study La Platan journalism. No one said, but all the families knew that the election announced my future in a big city with current television and TV studios, with the latest cameras. On weekends, I went to Jun, and sometimes, when I went to the downtown, I asked a teacher at a high school with my friends, they asked me how I did and when I responded when my faces darkened.

That is, in general, for the public, it is our job to answer all the questions: whether or not you know how to see ARA San Juan in real life, or if you already know how to view this journalism, you will win the next elections. They told me that it was a great job, when they saw me on TV. I, uncomfortable, they smiled at me. Many of them emphasized: "Do you want to keep the camera behind?" That's why I preferred it. I had no idea what I wanted and I smiled, but, in my privacy, Junin never returned.

In the channel The Malvinas worked at weekends for fourteen hours.

In the channel The Malvinas worked at weekends for fourteen hours.

When I maintained the relationship with J in the early years of the university, we joined Junín and continued living here. I often returned, went there, and we did not even think about continuing the future. As a childhood, I lived a continuous day, without knowing the time of the clock, during the last seven or fifteen days of adolescence, I learned to partially deliver what I wanted to know beforehand.

After separating it, I started other relationships and then I finished it. My first job was a journalist, I was a contributor to the two chairs at the Faculty, I did my homework. Everything went its "normal" channel. In the last years of La Plata, I started to go to the city center, which he had ordered all the options.

I wanted to know more and then I sought a way to migrate. Later, I was working on a national news channel. "Mom, I came", he says to the people. And when I arrived, I was successful for myself: my job, what it was, was to be a national framework. That was a success for me.

La Jornada began with the second game to go to the Federal Capital Departure of La Plata. After five years, we started again. He still lived in Junin, he never left, and went ahead with his project on the outskirts of the city, with the park and new grass being cut down. an apartment without balcony Anchorena and Arenales, in Barrio Norte neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

The relationship and my new work began as a channel producer, and with all this good ones; We were happy with this progress and we did not believe that our parallel universes had nothing to do with it. We often saw many others, to choose the colors for soils and walls that I was interested in in construction, I always wanted to boost the local growth I wanted.

When I went outside, at the weekend they needed producers and, of course, everything was necessary, the rest was organized. For three years, I had fourteen hours of work and I registered at dawn on Monday. Something crazy, I was fascinated to work with news, at least not boring: It starts today and you do not know what to do and what resources will we solve?

Junin, my boyfriend in a parallel world, was not working at the weekend, with friends chatting with the homemade food, on Sunday they had dinner with two new dogs and, in winter, football Sundays on TV. I watched this world tenderly, through the photographs sent by WhatsApp. I sent new pictures to TVs. In Holy Week, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Year, Christmas, gave her the channel. I did not complain, I accepted, I chose. And nothing is more valuable than having any choice.

Until one day, I stopped that place.

I started thinking I was doing my time. For the first time I felt the time passed and spent my weeks. Voracious When I was not in the channel, I worked in the digital edition of Junín. My time went by and I went from one city to another. I would never have more energy than ever, neither the skin is cooler and softer now, nor does the desire of a woman with a 25-year-old, nor even a young woman to face fear. Sentence Shrew-in taminga of William Shakespeare I went for a break and would not leave me alone: ​​I would never be younger than ever.

One day, the channel producer lost my nerves and I felt fatigued, a quick look, aging skin. His eyes did not shine. I thought I got to the island. Would it be there? Was it like that? Did the world of new people fascinate me, would you always seduce me? The enraged producer was a scene that was repeated in other organizations, and many more. But every time I write, I started thinking about what I mean, in the background, what I'm saying. Now, exercise has been applied to myself and I wondered why it was still. When this dream was fulfilled, it was not more than that: the goal was fulfilled.

I needed to fix what was happening.

J, a professor of Physical Education, and I also wanted to find a smaller city job in small cities. We wanted to live together. Maybe he's gone there. "Buenos Aires or Junín?" He said. "We can fix ourselves," he continued.

And then I thought I was about to disassemble his world and discover a chaos that marks a pulse. I imagined living in a vertical city of about 200 square kilometers and millions of inhabitants; I thought it was a tired look, sharp eyes and future children in the daycare centers. Junín, when I told him I did not say it in Buenos Aires, I'm sure I was able to solve what I was doing.

The second most populous city in South America is, of course, incredible and does not compare. But there is not a place where there is a good place and a bad place, what happens when we grow up, the brands that have grown in the cities are impossible, although we do not want to force them.

I took it a while to come back again in the version I came back to believe.

I went into a stage that was completely transient in the opinions of others. My friends decided to leave Kanune and return to Junin I opted for a new project, but I did not give the certainty of my professional future. Some of my colleagues seemed like a romantic idea to go out of their dock at work, and they went to a house in the inner park and dogs. It took me a year to decide what to do.

He talked to me, then, to take part in the family project, but without forgetting the professionals. If I had the opportunity to leave the city, I refused to leave the universal options. I thought of the success of the idea, failure and resignation of ghosts; I thought of my expectations, my parents. How would I tell Buenos Aires to be successful? There was a lot of effort to migrate to the big city and today, I won my space among the three most-tired national audiences, I ventured my courage.

Up to now, I said that my point of view and my parents circulated at the same time: when I graduated from high school, I graduated from a public university, I spent my younger years in a big city and I had the opportunity to work well. Now, for the first time, I started to undo its hopes It was sad to feel a treason to orchestrate.

But if I did not agree with them, I thought that my decision was the first one to educate: I would never betray it.

I became a party in an internal battle, because parents told me that it was a decision. I was convinced of something that would not leave me, leaving me a life of a green world and a perfect sunset, if I could not meet my professional desire. I risked it and it would not work for me, it would be wrong. I left and built the small world and did not want to guarantee immediate stability.

And then I told them. The lecture was at home in the kitchen, where my parents are now living and until I live 17 years. I was terribly uncomfortable in this apparent naturalness. I did not expect a happy face and I know that it was heard. I went back to Buenos Aires for the past few months. On that day, we will cut an invisible umbilical cordel, begin to build a link that overcomes the personal hope fence, what I do and what I want. My needs changed and there was not much more to talk about. I went to another universe and, if I wanted to know, I had to get there, and in the last ten years, along with other priorities, I had the opportunity with the selected tools. And it's more valuable than anything else.

I went back to Junín and added the work hours from my home from the day newspaper. In this part of the province there are also precious stories. There are sunny Saturdays, read in the gallery fifteenth, roasted on Sundays and pine and slogan in front of the window. Kitchen television has been revealed almost daily in a news channel and I often contact the producers of my friends.

In the inner cities there is a commercial beach forced. Here's a lot more days. Places do not have bars and some neighborhoods make children bend their flesh. Sometimes I think J and the future. We say that our children will be watching on all pediments. The location of the sun will be clear, from where we live today, you can see sun and sunset. In the Neighborhood neighborhood we fantasize to open a kind of rural school and ride on a bicycle. We imagined that they would analyze the sun's nest and sunlight in suppliers. We imagine life, fast food, shopping or theater houses with TV characters. We are committed to this. Or at least preferences, yours, mine or ours again.

Frevina Liberian. I'm 29 years old. I am Journalism, Graduate in Social Communication (UNLP). In the television channel of Buenos Aires, I worked as a producer on the weekends, now I'm doing my homework on the web page of the "Democracia" newspaper of Junín and releasing our releases freely. I was the finalist of the Competition Prize for the second edition of the film based on Real Events. I'd like to go to the sun at the park of my house and I think Buenos Aires always, but it's always a city to go back.

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