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INYM organized the first Yerba Mate and Health Day in Chile


Posadas, Misiones | RURAL NEA | The Yerba Mate Institute, National Institute (INYM), was attended by the health professionals (November 22, 2018) at the Yerba Mate and the Amorebieta Seminar of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Vinolia-space was specially designed for food. In Vitacura, in Santiago de Chile, they show in detail about the functional properties and metabolic diseases of the infusion effect, such as diabetes, cholesterol and weight loss. Biochemist Rafael Pérez Elizalde and Dr. Elio Soria.

During the ceremony, twelve doctors gathered from private clinics in Santiago, such as Clínica Alemana and Las Condes, as well as nutritionists from other organizations; so they could discover the benefits over a thousand years of consumption. Scientific colleagues and how they learned that the consumption of this herb as a support for the treatment of metabolic diseases and over control.

The speakers questioned the effects of yerba mate on cardiovascular risk, diabetes, and excess weight. Together with this, the myths that threaten the consumption of breastfeeding have been demolished and they cause blood pressure and gastric mucous.

"We have done a Mendoza study, we made a food plan, together with two liters of water, replacing two liters of water and weighing it with less, two or three real scientific reasons, one of which works in the central nervous system and reduces hunger sensation – When a drink is not usually it is not an appetite – and another is that, along with a diet plan, it helps to eliminate fats, the addition of Mate to the adjuvant is very important, "said Dr. Pérez.

The biochemist at the University of Maza in Argentina presents a study conducted at Mendoza University, which means that with yerba mate, with more than half a liter per day, diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia are less effective. Among the researchers, the significant drop in triglycerides and cholesterol consumed daily consumption of 50-100 grams of yerba.

The finding is very important in the field of endocrinology. Dr. Veronica Mericq has said that the endocrinologist at Las Condes Clinic.

"I thought I was confronted with a well-known and explored Chilean medicine, and its effects seem to be a healthy lifestyle," said Mericq.

Elio Soria, on the other hand, has shown an investigation that yerba mate extracts may change the cellular cell metabolism of the cells to promote resistance to toxicity caused by the arsenic of water consumed.

Together with them, they have scientifically proven that consumers generate serotonin, such as chocolate consumption, so yerba mate has been included in the food list. Along with it, the polyphenol has a high concentration, high antioxidant and high cellular protection.

Dr. Soria has said he has been taught a lot about the pathology and treatment of medical care and maintaining health through prevention and herbal medicine. In this regard, doctors participated in a positive evaluation of the exposure of Argentine professionals.

"I think it is necessary and important to know the benefits of our country's friendship. As a student, I think it's important for universities to address the issue of medicine, because there is a lot to know about the benefits of this herb," ​​said Laura Hinrichs, a medical student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile .

Yerba mate Chile's consumption has grown over the last few years in relation to urban consumption, sports and well-being. In 2017, imports grew by 20% and nowadays, neighboring countries are one of Yerba Mate's main export markets in Argentina, which is around 4 million pounds annually marketed, which is among the countries. matte of the region mate

However, its ignorance about its benefits and unlimited impacts still persist. There are consumers who also have a lot of pressure on those who can cause a baby or an acidity that can cause a baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding, due to the poor information we have in our national environment. In this context, INYM has carried out several activities to create more food information and add consumers, such as Yerba Mate and the first day of Health.

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