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Is it a robbery or suicide attempt ?: A 20 year old boy, a Quilmes train escaped and legs were amputated

Joel Navarro He is 20 years old at the Don Bosco Freedom Club and, yesterday morning, he is hospitalized at Iriarte de Quilmes hospital. After Uriburu and Juncal Street left their homes, when he went to the Kiosk, he ran away from the Roca railway line and was seriously injured: cuts on his legs and foot and a powerful nail-like abdomen.

Accompanied by his cousins, they took an ambulance to a medical center that had to be amputated to both centers and twice worked. He lost a lot of blood, he needed to be relaxed and his condition was critical. However, in this story when the story begins confusion, the official version is different Diametrically with Joel's family.

When he arrived at the hospital, the young man, who was 20 years old, told his uncle that he had identified Raúl Alberti with two shoes. In this way, the family began to commit to justice, because Navarrese was confirmed by theft and as a result, it was hospitalized in a critical situation. According to the story of his relatives, the victim brought shoes to two motorcycles. Joel rented the money in his backpack, said they wanted to flee the robbers, he did not realize that the training came and ran.

Judicial sources have said Infobae The declaration offered by the young 27-year-old youth refuses to say what the family says. According to the driver, at one point, Navarro stated that he had "put the clear intention to his life," and the branch moved. As Joel did not know, and as a result of the speed, it was impossible to stop the train's march, he overwhelmed him.

The Engineer Assistant granted the same version, when the Constitution was reached in Quilmes, when they passed the crossing of the Lomas de Zamora street, they saw a person approaching 100 meters (Joel). They wanted to be informed, despite the fact that the young man walked in front of the locomotive and stopped braking, he could not avoid the tragedy. According to the witness, "at this time this person was alone and with similar accident experience, the victim showed a suicidal tendency".

When the hospital went to the hospital, the young man, wristbands, mobile phone and cash, left the costume, the mother of Joel, Maria Luz. "I never thought justice asked to my son, we are tired of instability," said women, because this episode of this type of criticism has always been in the accident zone because "there is no bad sign".

One of them said on Friday that his nephew Villa Gesell was preparing for a trip to "get to know the sea for the first time", he dismissed the suicide hypothesis. "When someone makes a holiday plan, I do not think he plans to take his own life," he said. To save his life, the family urges blood donors. Who can help Iriarte to get to the hospital?

The cover of the case is at this time "guilty wounded" and the 22nd UFI Judicial Law of Quilmes took part, in order to determine whether the security cameras are analyzed to check if Joel is stealing or trying to take his life to check security cameras at this time.

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