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Israel has already prepared Bereshit, a special boat that will go to the Moon in February

Israeli engineers completed the details BereshitThe first special ship that will land on the moon. The trip is in February 2019.

Landing will be between NASA Apollo 15 missions landing sites in 1971 and Apollo 17, in 1972. If the mission is successful, Israel will be the fourth country to obtain a controlled landing ship without a driver.

"The spacecraft is fully built, tested (…) and will be sent to Cape Canaveral in a few weeks"said Ido Anteby, CEO of SpaceIL, a New Israel.

Bereshit, that is Genesis Hebrew, is a ship with four-legged carbon fiber shape. Its structure measures 1.50 meters in height and weighs 585 kilograms.

The ship is expected to fly to Florida SpaceX Falcon On February 9, the date has not yet been confirmed.

"The landing area is between Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 landing sites. The field is flat. But he still has a lot of craters and rocks, "said Anteby.

On the day of Bereshit, Falcon will return eightTo get enough speed in the Earth's orbit, in the last orbit of 11.11 kilometers per hour, reach a lunar point.

The engineer agrees that it is a risky bet: "It will be difficult and light on the way to the moon. We work in a very funny way, there are straightforward ways to reach the Moon, they will be placed in a large rocket and will arrive straight away. We do not have a large rocket, so we will go a long way, "said Ofer Doron, director of IAI space.

It will take time to land, if everything goes well, a month after leaving the Earth.

"Inside the bucket we will place a capsule with Israel and the planet"he explained Efe Yonatan Winetraub, one of three founders of SpaceIL.

The time of the capsule has thousands of documents, human history, history of Israel, pictures of the ship's creators, and millions of children from Israel, cartoons, stories and music.

"The Israelis and the children of the world see that a country as small as Israel sends a Moon spaceTo become the fourth country in the world, they can also fulfill their dreams, "Doron said.

SpaceIL was created in 2010 and initially won Lunar Xprize from Google and earned $ 20 million for the private company to buy a boat driver on the Moon. But the technology company has suspended the competition this year, it was clear that the company had not exceeded the March limit.

With EFE and AP information

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