Thursday , August 5 2021

It has a rare disease and the sun is burning

54-year-old woman has passed He had closed many lives in the house A rare disease suffers from rare diseases, If it is contacted by sun rays, it can cause wound and pain unbearable.

Fatima Pérez is a rare disease The genetic and hereditary skin that causes it has a xeroderma pigment (XP), which has caused intense pain in front of ultraviolet rays or even artificial light.

Women can not leave their house during the day or when the sky is cloudy, because of their illnesses, even if a lighting lamp can hurt.

Women has created a page to help XP people and has revealed their stories accurately.

According to Fatima in 1998, doctors did not know about illnesses He underwent many treatments, because he did not heal, he further complicated his health, although due to treatments, he had serious burns in his body, unfortunately he missed an eye.

After explaining to someone that he did not know, the woman went to a brother to travel to the United States.

He currently lives in Connecticut, the United States and the United States XP created the Foundation called Luz de Esperanza Group.

He assures it is very difficult to wear, wearing dark glasses, gloves, creams and two-pound cream, but he does not want to give up.or the goal is to create awareness about pigs in xeroderma and help with resourcesLatin American families that affect this disease.

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