Monday , October 18 2021

It is calculated among all the top PS4 titles in the site


Recently, Sony has made My PS4 Life the main feature of European PS4 players, which create videos that customize videos, highlights consumer achievements based on the history of the consumer, something similar to Facebook's videos. to end the year. Well, even though this function can only be in the European market, a site calculates the estimated number of players in the data obtained, processed and from the most important games.

According to a report, Site GAMSTAT Analyze the information presented in PS4 Life to calculate the number of players in the PS4 title. The operation was simple and calculated, the percentage of users reached a certain age, according to My PS4 Life, to set estimates for players and thus to the function loaded with the database. In this regard, it is important to keep in mind that the community has been considered as a disclosure of information without Sony's information and, to date, the calculation of some of the important titles mentioned above is not missing, so all preliminary results are missing.

Say above and calculate GAMSTATPS4 games with the highest number of players around the world, according to today's data, are:

  • Grand Theft Auto V – 51,700,000
  • FIFA 18 – 32,500,000
  • FIFA 17 – 30,000,000
  • FIFA 16 – 28,300,000
  • Minecraft – 25,600,000
  • Call of Duty: Second World War – 24,600,000
  • Rocket League – 22,600,000
  • FIFA 15 – 19,200,000
  • Mortal Kombat X. – 16,800,000
  • Last ones: Remastered – 15,900,000

This list is constantly updating and it should be mentioned according to the information provided by my PS4 Life, which should take into account current results when writing this note. Therefore, there are still no major titles registration and some exclusions listed in the Top 10 soon, while Sony's My PS4 Life is open to the public.

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