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It is proved that onion and garlic are protected against cancer

A new study demonstrates that allium vegetables (onions, garlic, leeks and onions) reduce the risk of cancer.

A group of university researchers Chinese medicine The increased amounts of these consumed vegetables tried to prevent the development of colorectal cancer. Do not count on skin cancer color cancer, also called colon cancer, is the most common cancer.

The choice has already been analyzed in advance alium vegetables it can reduce the risk of intestinal cancer; However, the results have always been different.

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The authors of the latest research believe that the change in results is partially affected by the data. For example, some studies combine all vegetables in a group, and others are the most common ones.


To investigate, there were 833 people with colon cancer 833 control participants, without cancer, were similar in age and sex, living in similar places. Each participant was interviewed and the nutritional habits were recorded using frequency validation polls.

"It should be pointed out that it seems to be a tendency in our research: the greater the amount of Alium vegetables, the better it will be," explained Zhi Li, director of the work.

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Onions and garlic are much better based on world and family meals throughout the planet

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