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It rains in the city and the storms are strengthened – 11/21/2014

With the sun and heat started in the morning, the rain started at the City of Buenos Aires and the National Weather Service storms that stormed. This warning is also in the interior of Buenos Aires and Rio de la Plata.

The announcement was announced at 9:30 am and announces that "phenomena can be potent, above all, intense flurries, occasional decline, significant electrical activity and long-term rainfall."

At 11 in the morning, and almost a 32 ° thermal, the dark clouds moved forward in the city. The SMN reached storms. Besides, the wind will start to the south, with tastes.

Also, in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Saladillo and Salto villages, abundant Water fall and beef.

The storm will be in the wind. Photo: Lucía Merle

The storm will be in the wind. Photo: Lucía Merle

In the afternoon, there may be temporary improvement, even if the rain and storm continue, the temperature goes down.

Rain on Thursday, the NMS announces unstable weather in the following days. Friday rainy will be sunny in some sun probabilities, with a minimum temperature of 14 degrees and a maximum of 21 degrees.

On Saturday, on the other hand, unstable weather is expected at least 14 degrees and up to 22.

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