Tuesday , January 25 2022

"It was my father's life or delinquency," said the daughter of the iron fence in San Fernando


The 88-year-old daughter of the Ironmonger killed a robbery in the San Inazio slaughter yesterday

Today, her father acted as self-defense during her life or crime and assured her that the deceased youth were attacked.

"I feel for the loss of the boys, I also have mothers and it happened to us that happened to this family, but it was my father or the delinquent life," Mirta said.

Christian Pirrolla (28), citing the supposed dead thief, Mirta said: "The boy was stolen for more than twenty days or more, but we did not file a complaint for the army."

"Juan is well, we have everything and are constantly in charge of the police," said his father's situation.

"My father wants to work, but unfortunately, by age, the premises will close a few days," he concluded.

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