Thursday , October 6 2022

It will be compulsory to register for Argentina's football ground


The fans must be registered and must sign up to Argentina football stadiums. The system, similar to the ID of the Russian Cup of the 2018 World Cup, is published this week in the resolution of the Ministry of National Security.

"Establish the requirement to register and register any person participating in a football show in the Argentine Republic. Broadcasting of the secretariat credential will be handled by the organizer"sets the standard.

In another article in the regulations, the National Security Directorate for National Performances of Football Directorates shall "follow the agreement of the competent authority of the jurisdiction", complementary, clarifying and interpretative technical standards, as well as the signature of the necessary agreements. in order to comply with and comply with the provisions established herein ".

The resolution of the Ministry is based on Sports Law. This should ensure that the National State, through its competent bodies, guarantees the security and correctness of sporting events.

In this context, the "Criminal and Contraventive Regime for the Prevention of Violence in Sporting Events" was introduced, and the Ministry of Security prepared the so-called "Regulations for the Prevention of Violence and Soccer Training" and prepared the necessary provisions. to establish

It is established in Article 11 of the Regulation The organizer must check the identity of the competitors to a football show Identification of the National Identification Document (DN.I.) or Passport, where appropriate, or biometric identification.

For this reason, the Ministry promotes the creation and validation of the "Republic of the Argentine Republic" in the register of people who want to play a football match, in all their divisions, leaving organizers the power to organize their modalities, in order to fill this registration and expand their sympathetic credentials ".

The data obtained in the census must be compared in the National Security Focal Safety AgencyThe subject that includes the database includes information on the safety of security agencies at the national level competent.

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