Wednesday , September 28 2022

"It will be the campaign and we will not talk more"


Franco Armani was the goalkeeper of the Argentinean team in the last World Cup. That's why Europe is one of the most popular players in River Team. In fact, foreign media have this opportunity. "How are we? Mind, guide and prepare for the game," it was his first response.

"We wanted to play at home, in court and with our people, but we must take decisions and better, we need the titles we deserve," he asked. Reaction against anti-reagent resource monumental.

And just MillionaireFinally, for those who had the chance to see him in the stadium, Casilda sent a message: "We are among the best in Argentina and around the world, we are among the best we give you, and we will leave life and our hearts through the game."

Despite a long break, the goalkeeper wanted to "enjoy" and discard the possibility of defining the Copa outside of the green grass of Santiago Bernabeu. "He will play and win in court, will be Sunday on Sunday, and there will be more debate, which will not happen in Argentina and will be the winner again Sunday."

Most prominent phrases Armani:

Something positive wait so much? "It is possible that we have played, we want to win and win the Cup, each one's dream and longing, we have won, what should have been done … What happened and it happened? It could not happen again."

mouth Is not the advantage as a visitor? "No, you do not have to think, we are both in the same way, we have little advantage, we have to show it in the field and get the result of the visitors."

Breakdown: "We were always going to play forever, when we started to play, we were always focused on this game and we had never drifted away."

An imaginable game: "The trapped and rubbed door that Boca plays, waits and leaves, because of the difference in distribution, we will propose as we do in all the courts that will be played, it will make a difference."

Play Santiago Bernabu: "It's a beautiful stage, a wonderful court, we can not say the ball is bad, to enjoy this beautiful stage."

Message from two fans: "Living in football in peace, it's a game, you have to live and enjoy peace, this is what next and next, enjoy yourself and your team."

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