Wednesday , October 27 2021

It's new, the dollar has dropped chronicle


The dollar fell by 0.08% and closed to $ 39.18, depending on the average market price. In the wholesale market, the American currency ended at $ 38.26, which did not change in terms of the wheel last Monday.

Financial analysts Gustavo Quintanaon the day of this Tuesday "It was a quiet development and it was less incident, where the wholesale dollar went to the same level on Monday".

And he explained why "The relative balance of the forces remained throughout the session, justifying the smallest fluctuation shown".

The cash traded in cash segments amounted to US $ 559.8 million and in the future MAE segment, US $ 10 million were made.

On the other hand, in Rosario's future market, Rofex bought $ 919 million dollars, of which more than 55% were agreed between December and January, with the final price of $ 38.91 and $ 40.80, respectively. . The futures were almost unchanged.

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