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It's said China, even though it's more crisp than Moon – BGR

China's Chang & # 4; 4 missions have been a terrific success in the country's space agency and have already been "first" and have become the first landing area on the far side of the Earth.

The farthest side of the moon, that is, on the side that we do not see in the Earth's eye, we have not examined the greatest detail. Scientists wanted to observe that they were a little apprehensive about the ground, and those in charge of it had a sleepless night, we now know.

Talking in china Xinhua People from the Public Administration of the People's Republic of China said they were less than the predicted temperature of a machine. It was cold temperatures -310 degrees Fahrenheit (-190 degrees).

These frigid times are smaller than those found in other Moon missions, and scientists believe that surface composition can play an important role.

"This is probably because of the composition of the lunar soil between the two sides of the moon," said CNSA Xinhua.

Chang & # 39; e 4 lurmutiles and their accompanying vehicles have done a lot on the surface of the moon, but for now they still do not work. The machine will keep watching the surface of the moon and cosmic radiation and space weather.

The biggest challenge for China's progress will be Chang & # 39; s 5 mission to land Earth to Earth, it will take its material sample before returning to Earth. This mission is likely to be still a few months away, but China's space agency is moving a bit back in recession, and is expected sooner than the end of the year.

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