Sunday , June 13 2021

"I've always been a lot …" Dalma Maradona made an unbelievable recognition!

It's the oldest daughter Diego Armando MaradonaIt is accustomed to using social networks and reporting daily and honestly everyday lives. On this occasion, Dalma His Instagram account used to comment on his experience as a reflection on his reflective analysis routine.

He went to the doctor and had to carry out control studies, apart from extracting various blood vessels. From now on, the actress remembered the worst fears and fears of drawing blood, and she decided to share her feelings with her in the open-image of the social network. "I do not speak a lot about pregnancy, because specialists and IG's are the heads of opinion, but I mean I have had a routine diabetes gestapo that I needed to study today. I talked) and I remember I was always very scared to get blood and give me plan or discussion! "It was at the beginning of its virtual message.

He then made reference to his mother and said: "@ Claudiavillafane can ask you the vaccine that I made as my girlfriend made my turn, and when I was on the street, I did not know that the girl was crying for blood and, always, to help me. he was not so young! "

With the help of Netizens, he went further and said: Today, to get blood for the test (my many tubes of taste), take a sweet liquor (very sweet), wait for 2 hours and return to draw blood (other tubes than before but another one came out at the end). I only asked questions, and courage and fear died. The reason is a baby, in a box that is cut, with an impressive cry, they take blood and I understand that I understand … I want to do it anyway! "I wrote it". I only think that I did not give anybody to anyone with Maricon and I took a thousand liters (1 excessive excesses) and I realized that it was not very serious and everyone's work is doing very well! I have thousands now! Dalma Maradona.

In the end, he gave a lot of advice to the followers and he honored: "I am a mother and I realize sometimes that some things are not elective, when I lose it, nothing more! Thousands of the future but we still do not touch the problem of birth … Thank you! Saying all the excuses is nothing to scare you up (I'm not in a car, do not start such a break, that's all I could get in your language, "he concluded.

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