Tuesday , January 25 2022

January Black: Half a car has been sold today one year ago


Dealers think that the order of 65,000 units will close. In the first months of 2018, there were 120,558 registered. "We're selling half a year ago a car a year ago," he summarized the director of a trademark. Remember that the best annual results started in the January 2018 era to make the comparison more difficult, but with this exception, today's demand is the lowest level in recent years. Mauricio Macri, the government of 2016, confirmed 57,771 patents, the worst January in the last year. This time, at the end of the Kirchner administration, he received an activity that was almost non-dollar.

The rise in prices in the second half of 2018, from the end of April to the dollar, is a crucial factor in the collapse of the market. In January, the general brand applied new increases of between 2% and 6%. For this purpose, interest rates have risen and the general economic uncertainty that debt consolidation recommends is added. Half of the car's purchases are made through the quota, through traditional financing or previous savings plans. In this context, buyers do not have sales premises, so the revenue (last sales made by the current concessionaire, patents made last month) is very small.

In the sector, after March or April, they are considered to be an improvement in demand and the years change in times. But that is guessing it. Today, the numbers are disturbing. If the activity is projected from January to the year, if the market reaches almost 600,000 units. That is, one year, the best month of the year, the number of operations delayed in December, with the date of the patents for the next year. That's why it's the strongest month in January.

The company continues to offer significant bonuses for the acquisition of 0 km earlier than the collapse of sales. Remember that the estimated stock of cars was 260,000 in December. It covers almost half the current demand level. Due to the discounts offered by the Faculties, each of the dealers will be added according to their needs. That's why there is a huge price difference. Discounts are 25% or more on the list value. Importers of the trademarks of the imported company yesterday acknowledged that models that serve $ 22,000 would be available for $ 16,000, if the transaction is in cash.

For this reason, many models are price changes due to changes in internal taxes. Many have dropped. For example, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and MINI prices were less than 7,000 dollars at the end of 2018 at some of the vehicles. Other taxes were added to the tax base as a result of an upward rise of $ 2 million. The Toyota SW4 case was the first one, according to a newspaper published on Monday. Other brands continued. The Citroën Grand C4 Spacetourer created $ 1,360,000 and $ 1,490,000, up 9.5%. In addition, Spacetourer launched its usability now $ 1,500,000. Meanwhile, Renault upgraded its Koleos values ​​to $ 1,033,600 and $ 1,571,551 in revenue and $ 1,295,000 and $ 1,969,000. Beyond these increases, the price of the vehicles will be able to maintain the adjustments that can make in the general margins, and at the same time limit growth in the mid-term.

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