Sunday , May 16 2021

Jeff Bezos's clear strategy to announce his divorce is behind

When public ages reveal all the details of their private life through private networks, they fly around the world around the world, and users become a jury rather than a public. Therefore, the way news is good news or bad is more important than ever. The richest man in the world knows very well.

With a direct political talk, Amazon's creator Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie In a brief statement on Twitter, they announced their distinction: "We are very happy to find each other and appreciate each year deeply every year." After 25 years we would know that we would be separated. We had a good couple together as a couple, and we see a wonderful future for parents, friends, adventures and projects as partners and individuals, for more adventure and even labels, we continue to be family and friends. "Tweeta joins two signatures du.

to Alejandro Sangenis, Advisor and coach in Neuro Oratorio and Communication, a discourse very neutral and politically correct: "The style is called empathic and empathic and is perfected."

"The statement has been well articulated and has been done to create empathy, especially with Amazon followers and the empire of Bezos. The expression is perfect for creating a link with people. See it with great care," said the interview Infobae.

On the other hand, psychologist and writer Celia Antonini He linked the Billari's statement to his presentation: "He is the owner of Amazonia and he has made a fortune through the platform, his life is crossed by social networks and a person shares this exposure with the rest of the world, if it were a great virtual family."

"The discourse seems to be in a common accord, and in this discourse nothing has been detected because of the mobility of the dominant, so we think that there is no longer one single phrase, to speak financially," Sangenis emphasized.

Note published in the account Jeff Bezos On January 9, 6700 responded with more than 38,000 "pleasures" from his followers, along with responses from different people and languages, with the strength of the divorce process. "The responses were positive and the message was an empathic effect on the followers, for any company, a person like Jeff Bezos would be the face of the business phenomenon and everything that communicates and does will affect his career," he said. Sangenis.

"What they did in this way is a way of communication that is far from pathological, it is a new way for many people, if you live at high levels of exposure, something like that is expected," he said. Antonini.

"When you explain your divorce, you will show your new love, everything must be fully exposed, it is a new way of life, especially the familiar and familiar, the level of exposure they need," he stressed. professional

With regard to professional discourses, the resources that were not counted together were less than effective: "The resource is very powerful," we know that after we were separated after 25, we did that. "To express the love's love, clearly, its priority is the communication crisis It was avoided and presented in a politically correct way to prevent any type of crisis that causes its image and company.

With regard to the petition, both the signing of the statement, the specialist believes that two business lunch attempts to avoid blows will be: "The two names have been septically isolated, they have a great deal of strength and reinforce the idea once more." We are in the same boat. "

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