Thursday , October 6 2022

Jimena Barón, after paying homage to Aretha Franklin's dance: "I'm going to be a little angry and sad"


Jimena Baron and Mauro Caiazza He opened a gala of the second tribute with a tribute Aretha Franklin, for the feminist struggle and the minorities.

There was a technical error in performance when the door was shut and the scenes behind him were dropped when the dancers hit the track.

The actor made a mistake with the mood and was told about the situation jokes, but he wrote a message that expressed his feelings. "Beyond the meme of the closed door, I feel a bit annoyed and sad. We will once again see ALL with ALL, and hopefully we will continue to follow this program that we love and make our beautiful dream come true!", He's been tattered.

Cantabria and Caiazzas have 18 units, so it has almost doubled.

PRESIDENT WING – Jimena Barón's dedication, mother of Lucía Perez and women's struggle

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