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Jimena Barón, among the tears, said: "I want to win dance" because it's a dream "


The actor and his boyfriend gave a funny review for missing the bill Credit: Laflia Press

This Thursday "

Dancing a dream

"The bass arrived and the icebreakers were once again

Jimena Baron

and her new lover Mauro Caiazza. After an intense progress, when the actress and singer traveled with her partner, the jury heard the verdict and tired of the competition to make the dream come true.

Caizza's feasts and holidays

Before dancing, the actress and singer was told

Marcelo Tinelli

The "winning competition" has hope and faith. "I've never seen the joy of other collectives understand each other's gain, I prefer whitewash," he joked. Later, the dancer acknowledged that he was afraid of what happened to him at the end of this program at some point. "We are good, but it's not easy to be with her, she's very intense and she tells everything," she complained.

"When we tried, I told him I was alone and, after two days, I was dressed up in a provocative way, I saw socks, without a bodice, as a work colleague …" said the dancer. Baron interrupted: "The intensity is not bankrupt, he says, I like the essays."

"Do you know what is tired of your home and whether Christian Gray's sister seems apparently?" He complained again. "Sometimes, I bathe myself and when I take a towel, I have several championships," he explained later, Baron's boyfriend, former player of Juan Martin del Potro.

Jury ruling

After the bets passed, the couple danced at Romeo Santos "Sobredosis". He was the first to give back the jury

Ángel de Brito

(4). "I want to dance to the dance floor, but today was not the best night, it was a very difficult pace and I saw Jimena horrified at the turn, which could be a neat all-time," said Chimentero.

Laurita Fernández

, the secretary of the secret ballot, said: "Beautiful choreography, I have written some things related to this technique, but Mauro has shown that I would also let Mauro have left."

Then it was a turn

Florence Peña

(6): "You have a great control over the time you lose, at least on the track … Leave it to win if you need to go". finally,

Marcelo Polino

(3) He liked choreography, but he said "he did not fever". With 13 points, the couple was in a complex area to face the sentence.

Baron, between tears

After the return of the jury, Baron could not avoid crying, and keep in mind that the program was quicker to start, but the galaxies began to pass and less and less participants realized that doing everything was harder to gain pressure to help the organization.

"It's true that the program was very sensitive. I swear. It's true that I am a bit scared because I am not a dancer … (…) As a singer, I am a well-known actress, and this is a very exposure program and I, , I prayed three galas and I went home because I thought I could not do it … And you start the energy and you are left and suddenly everything we've lost everything that we've lost what we see is now ten and ten, I want to win. Here, dancers and a lot of people are dancing and at the fastest pace I want … and I want to win the dream. "

He added: "I felt this evening too strange, but we'll do it again …"

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