Tuesday , March 21 2023

Jimena Barón and Mauro Cauca between "passageway" and "Dance 2018".


They are at this stage of dating, everything is in a couple of passion and romance. However, Jimena Barón and Mauro Gazaites say they went beyond their mood to tell their claims. Exchange of "invoices" to return to their path Dancing.

"Well, that happens It's not easy to be with her, "said the dancer..

"He is very intense." Marcelo Tinelli.

"Pretty, that's the first It's very intense and, as I ought to eliminate everything, I never say anything, but he says it all."He confessed Caiazza, who chose to tell some of the secrets of the actor and singer.

" When we started to study, I said for a moment Mati (Matías Napp, his coach) I was single in a rehearsal, and after about two or three days I started to get dressed a little differentlyDepending on the type of the network of stock of the event, I never had a body, "he confessed, and then it was his turn.

"We finished yesterday late, we ate at home and said: I move forward, I'm energetic, and he did not, yes, twins," he said.

"But You know what it is to get in the night and that it's the sister Cristian Gray"He doubled his bet for his partner, laughing.

"What is the best way of doing this for women? Why do not you use that? You have another time," said the driver.

"No, I'm fine, but he says a lot of things and, for example, I take a bath from my house and say it will take a towel, and there I see the mountain of the place like a tournament brand. One day I asked her Momo My massage was a small ball, it brought me to the room with toys, and said: "Do you want to?" He had a boat with tennis balls, "he recalled.

"Sorry, The time that was invited to me at home was like a fool, I got up, what did he show me, what did he buy? He covered a whole wall with a mirror. Well, the mirror ran course to study and then told me I wanted to sleep, but tomorrow I wake up 7, because I train and there is nothing for breakfast, I open the fridge and ginger quick 1920 It's been clear – let's use the mirror and stick to & # 39;. I told him that he came here and he got on the fire, but you can not give it all, "he concluded.

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