Monday , October 25 2021

Jimena Baron encouraged everyone "Dancing 2018" remembering his father's death


(Video ShowMatch – The Thirteen)

Always last instances Dancing Confidence suspense definition with moments of high emotion For each galas, this was no exception.

That's it Jimena Baron He could not keep his tears when he remembered his father when he died four years ago and appeared in the review of the photos of each semifinalist.

"Yesterday my father spent four years. Date is silent", actress and singer, full of emotion.

"One day, my old man bathed, broke, fell, covered the bathtub's drain and drowned it. I missed Also I was with another Italian outfit (as a reference Daniel Osvaldo) and it was very hard, "he said. jime.

"My brothers who left us with our brothers were children. But I went looking for it, because it's my age, and I found many wonderful thingsmaybe I could reconsider his relationship with paternity and love, perhaps because of the disability. Do what you want, heal the links and apologize, "he concluded.

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