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John Deere, Consecration of "Best Manufacturers".


John Deere, a company that connects machines, people, technology and intelligence, has received the Nekin-Banco Galicia Prize for Agricultural Excellence Award in the "Best Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer" category. 60-year-old continuous manufacturing and investment in the country's current.

John Deer invests $ 4 million dollars a day in Investigation and Development, increasing productivity, lower costs, operational efficiency and better customer management. In the current age of Big Data and Gauzen, the company has renewed its software and remote communication in its teams, cloud data management and telemetry and accuracy operations.

"John Deere, a 60-year-old production company in Argentina, is always pleased to receive this recognition, always accompanied by Argentina's field". Gastan Trajtenberg, Argentine President John Deere.

"In recent years, and in particular, John Deer has significantly reaffirmed the commitment to the national industry, with new productive lines, expanding the factory, opening the Spare Parts Distribution Center, training center, and a significant source and expertise, and continues working with John Deere, Argentina's producer. We have a great future in the field of our country, "added Trajtenberg.

John Deere started production at the Baigorria Grenadier Motor Factory in 1958 in Argentina. However, since 1894, the solid history that unites the company is 1894 when the first agricultural machines are marketed. Nowadays, John Deerer has a motor, tractor and assembly plant, a spare parts distribution center, a Training Center and more than 820 direct workers. Additionally, in the country's sales, more than 90 retail outlets use a large 26 dealership network.

In Argentina, the long-term vision of the company is indicated in 2018 with the great potential of corporate and commercial advertisements with the aim of offering complete and efficient solutions to the Argentine producer and contractor.

The John Deere landmarks in 2018

Motorcycles. Within the 60th anniversary, the company highlighted its investments and new technologies for the benefit of Argentinian farmers. The new year began to celebrate a new milestone: the production of 300,000 engines.

It is a 2.9-liter (3-cil) manufactured by Granadero Baigorria; 4.5 liter (4 cil); 6.8 and 9 liters (6 cylinders) between 44.6 and 365 kV. Tractors, collectors, construction equipment, and electric generators and generators are also used. These engines meet the environmental emission requirements demanded by customers in Brazil. The company's challenge has been very important.

Products John Deere has introduced new 5E series tractors with the original cab option, specially designed for increased safety and comfort for all operations. The new 5082E, 5090E and 5090EH, today with a cabin, is ideal for livestock and spraying.

These new ways offer front loaders to enhance visibility, have a sunny and panoramic view. Joystick and VCS mean that connectors and tools make it easier to use. Model 5090EH – ideal for spraying work – The active carbon filter booth gives operators more protection in their tasks. The models that make up the series are also economical due to low fuel consumption; and is strong, as simple and resistant to all kinds of lands.

In Argentina, a company that has not been suspended for Argentina for 60 years, announced the Internationalization of the Serie 7J tractors, the industry and the Argentinian rural commitment.

The 7J Series was developed to provide excellent performance in the field, in order to demand a very productive and efficient agriculture. This line of tractor, ideal for planting, has JDLink technology and automatic pilot systems to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the Argentine manufacturer. The new tractor series has three models, 200, 215 and 230 hp. With the 7J Series nationalization, John Deere is 45 horsepower for up to 230 horsepower, with Argentina's industrial equipment.

With regard to collectors, the S series of industry has only 17% less fuel per hectare, it allows for 2 to 4 hectare per day collection per day and requires a 55% less efficiency.

Argentina, producing John Deere:

The engine unleashes 3, 4 and 6 cylinders, between 44 and 365 HP.


– 5E series. 5045D, 5045E, 5065E, 5075E, 5076EF, 5082E, 5090E models.

– Series 6J. 6115J, 6135J, 6150J, 6170J, 6190J and 6210J models.

– Series 7J. 7200J, 7215J and 7230J models.

Series S collectors. Models S550, S660, S670 and S680.

Platforms: 2 family of products, total 5 model:

– Flexible platforms for belt or canvas (FlexDraper)

– FlexAuger flexible pipe flexing platforms

Innovation John Deere launches the operation center for an innovative solution for data management and better decision making. It is an online platform to share agronomic information and equipment for viewing, analyzing, archiving and sharing between producers and contractors, in a single form to access data from a computer and mobile phone or tablet.

With remote access to control, you can detect a better machine on the field and repeat its configuration to other devices. One of the most important benefits is to facilitate proactivity with vendor specialists, to warn about possible drawbacks and to respond quickly to the operator.

Innovation and production efficiency. An ultimaker 3 printer came to John Deere in February and geometric complexities allow the creation of simple parts that require multiple machining processes to optimize time and resources for devices and tools, devices and prototypes.

3D printing, a process that transforms a 3D file into a physical object, eliminates many restrictions in the design phase for prototype and latest works. After completing the training of the Manufacturing Engineering team and testing for two weeks, the printer is currently printing at least 100% of the time, especially prototype.

Every time the printer manufactures a 3D printer saves time, you can sort and deliver. Using 3D printing, it can be one piece of a day for a 10-day delivery and delivery by another provider. In addition, the cost of printing supplies is rare, compared to the cost of manufacturing the same traditional methods.

John Deer's DNA is linked to the fast implementation of new technologies and innovation in order to create and maintain a competitive advantage. They are the powers of the manufacturing department in the design and manufacture of new mounting devices. 3D printing is a new technology that combines many combinations related to the prototype of new devices.

Investments and new markets. John Deere signed a definitive agreement with the King Agro Purchase Agreement, a private company manufacturing carbon fiber products, located in Valencia, and Campana's production facility in Argentina. Thanks to John Deere for this transaction, King Agro offers the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge, design and great experiences of its fiber-optic technology.

John Deer also signed a simple agreement to buy PLA, a company that specializes in sprayers, breeders, and agricultural products. PLA is located in Argentina, Las Rosas, Argentina and Canoas, Brazil, with production facilities. PLA's purchase confirms John Deere's commitment to its customers, as John Deere continues to provide innovative, cost-effective equipment, technologies and services to improve customer productivity.

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