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Johnson & Johnson's stiff blow: their talc is confirmed to be infected


December 16, 2016

The leading Hygienic products and pharmaceutical company expanded to 10% in Wall Street Exchange after confirming the use of a strong powder component of its talcum.


Hygienic product and pharmaceutical giant, Johnson & Johnson, du 10% sank in Wall Street Stock ExchangeAfter being published by Reuters, the company was 40 years old His talcum powder contaminated asbestosHe has denied it again and again.

What was her stellar product, already supposed Thousands of cause cancer cases, press the company again, deleting it at this time Forty million market capitalization.

It retains its agency information, confidential documents and company reports Since as of 1971, asbestos in small products. The multinational has undergone several collective trials for women who have been victims of carbohydrogenous fiber.

It's worth clarifying Additionally, his baby's baby product spans around 10,000 liters of average around Johnson's powders. In the midst of legal wars and the publication of the Reuters report, the company has reduced its stock market for 16 years.

Talcum 1

Meanwhile, Reuters also published the company and the company Get paid for his franchise baby powder studies. "Johnson and Johnson know all the suggestions or hide dust as the information about the safety of the dust is false," said the company.

The United States' largest health authority (FDA), a few months ago, examined samples of non-productive presence of asbestos. However, this is not prevented The jury of Saint Louis (Missouri) paid $ 4.96 million in July in 22 women and after the children's product, the illnesses became ill. The company made a ruling.

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