Wednesday , October 27 2021

Jorge Rial reacts to the work environment of Javier Nasseli after the accusation of Vicky Xipolitakis


Surprise said Vicky Xipolitakis (32) Monday through 911 to inform her husband, Javier Naselli (54), according to "verbal violence", nobody goes unnoticed. In fact, Jorge Rial counting strangers The public's complaint was that it could damage low financial profiles in its work environment: "This could have been an unexpected consequence because people who handle heavy burdens are not handled, because in the foreground, and in a few kilometers in this country, there are important people behind them" .

Moment later, Jorge Rial He hit his father saviorA five-day lifestyle baby: "He did not like the financial world, that is, this man handles it, great shots, this gentleman swims among sharks."

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