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José Arce died, punishing his life for his wife's crime


José Arce, widow of the wife of Rosana Galliano for punishing his lifeIn 2008, his commitment to the city of Buenos Aires in the city of Exaltación de la Cruz, He died on Saturday for an ACV At the Pilar hospital, informed judicial and police sources.

The goalkeeper pointed out that Arce (70) was hospitalized on Thursday after he was traumatic hemorrhagic at the Sanguinetti Hospital in northern North, and on Saturday he was dead.

Since then, too The widow was convicted and detained, his death must be investigated for each prisoner, and accordingly, Andrés Quintana prosecutor, the Decentralized Pillar Decentralized Unit of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI), the Judicial San Isidro Criminal Court, ordered that the autopsy be carried out.

In the case of Arce death, the state that makes the judicial officer "investigates the cause of death," added sources of judgments and police Telam.

The widow and her mother, Elsa Aguilar (87), were also sentenced to death, For the sake of the home arrest, the judge was made electronically for reasons of health and age.

Rosana Galliano (29) was committed on January 16, 2008 In the neighborhood of "El Remanso", in the Exaltación de la Cruz neighborhood, where Arce agreed that they had taken the usual children.

The victim called her husband and her phoneHe talked about leaving home, because there was a small signal, a dead man was shocked.

Monica, the sister of Rosana, on the night of crime, Arce explained to her "excuses" all day long to delay the delivery of her children, and was therefore an excuse to call her former wife at night.

When Cassio was examined in the court of cassation, the judges understood that Arce was called "decompensation" and "crying", finding "supposedly" alleged information about his wife's death.

though the author of the crime was not yet found, the judges said, "it was clear that Arce could not and did not take responsibility for execution and that is why he had his mother's and his money-making provisions."

"Maple and his mother were, however, despicable, in the habit and activity of the victims of the death of the victim and of the products of gender violence," said Casación.

"When the dispute between Arz and Galliano was determined, when the separation was made, the relatives and friends of the victims had" a demonstrable proof of evidence ".

Like the authors of the crime, Paulo (35) and Gabriel Leguizamón (41) tried their brothers, but after several testimonies, they were acquitted.

Meanwhile, in December 2015, the Supreme Court of Nazism, by President Ricardo Lorenzetti and Elena Highton de Nolasco and Juan Carlos Maqueda, signed an agreement with Arce and his candidates. mother

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