Wednesday , October 20 2021

Juan Darthés went to Brazil thanks to attacks on sexual abuse


This Thursday, the first hour 20, ancient protagonist band Simona LATAM took the plane from Rosario airport to Brazil. He did not go unnoticed, and while he was waiting for the town of San Pablo, he was photographed.

"Juan Darthés left the country and went to Rosario via Brazil this morning, traveled with his children and another person, apparently, his wife was not at the airport", Sent from your Twitter account Good Morning America, the news that drives Antonio Laje.

In the midst of this police against serious accusations of contention, the actress took the decision in Brazil in her hometown. In this way, it will be far away from Buenos Aires to determine precisely what to do in the near future.

At the Rosario airport, the interpreter also took an image with a fan of social networks. In the picture, she smiled at the side of a lady.

"It did not happen, it never existed," Darthes said in an interview with Thelma, Mauro Viale gave her a home at Nordelta. "I knocked at the door of my room, I took it out of my room." You are angry! What's wrong with you? I am a guy, "he told me, my children were the same. Can I do something like that?"He added, in some words, a great repudiation.

He also acknowledged that he was "confessed", trying to kiss his room, despite being a boyfriend, Juan Guilera, the actor warned him more than once during the journalist's speech.

"I'm dead, I'm annoyed, it's shame", said the actor, saying he was "very delicate," after a talk by Fardin to accuse the Nicaraguan justice. "Done, I'm dead"He talked about "civic" and his artistic career. "Everything I want is to know people about my truth: I never raped or harass anyone," he concluded.

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