Wednesday , October 20 2021

Julián Serrano explained why his girlfriend, Malena Narvay, was not encouraged by the dance semifinal


After playing Sochi Morandi bachata in the first semifinal of Bailand, Julián Serrano asked his girlfriend, Malena Narvay, with the question that he had with ShowMatch. "It's a must-see from home, I do not know why it's not coming," he let it free.

"Can not come?" Tinelli asked him. "I think he did not take any pressure or commitment," said Youtuber.

"It's jealous!" Chinese D & # 39; Angelo Reversed. "That is not why I told him what I felt, I think he did not want Ángel de Brito to ask for inadequate questions," Serrano wax.

"Cubero himself knows that he is the same, although he did the campaign for Michique, something else (Nicole Neumann) did not do," said LAM driver and jury member.

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