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Julieta Prandi silenced silence and revealed the reason for her divorce: "Claudio, we did not

Juliet Prandi It is one of the most popular models in the country. Participating in various programs, as an actor or journalist, gave him great recognition. However, beautiful blonde He extended his private life outside the media and did not show his family. However, at the beginning of January, personal information was revealed. PRANDI: Your divorce

Behaviour Claudio Cotardi was an idyllic relationship. They have been married for 12 years, married in 2011 and had two children: Mateo (8 years) and Rocco (3 years). Both worked together and only appeared in social networks, so they stopped until they stopped, so the version of their separation began to be vaguely heard.

Over time, top I have confirmed: "I have divested, but I ask respect if there are two minors," you acknowledged CiudadMagazine. Then, in the interview with Gente Profund magazine: "I have banished, but I do not want to talk about it, to take care of my family and my children's privacy." In a single word, Claudio does not choose another couple.

"We are very close, we understand each other's work and we meet each other, I think the base is in conversation and trying to find moments with others," he said in a two-year interview. : Go to the cinema, go eat, sit in the garden, join the coffee or coffee together, add it Juliet.

In the end, he concluded: These moments are maintained at that moment and the pair continues; guarding each other. Clearly speaking, dialogue, solidarity and magic, spark, and loss of the partner is a key thing. "Can your words be a reason for your divorce?

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